Saturday, 14 January 2012

Welcome one and all I hope that you will see,
a visit to my blog will make you smile and happy.
Ill take you on many journeys in things I like to do,
then you can get to know me and Ill also get to know you.
This is my fantasy world, Fairies , Graphics and poems too,
who knows one day maybe Ill even write one for you.
Ive very recently started a project of a miniature Fairy Tower,
come and visit often then you with Fairy Dust Ill cover.
Itll be a Magical Mystery Tour completely like no other
youll be glad you came and read from cover to cover.
So if you too like to lose yourself in Dreams once in a while
youve come to the right place together now well smile.


  1. absolutely stunning love it all never seen so many fairies well done look forward o seeing whats round the corner xx

  2. Excellent site...very Magical!!!