Monday, 16 January 2012

Good morning people come and join with me
singing and dancing very merrily
with the little one here who brings such joy
or is it really just  a ploy
to get us to follow here wherever she goes
flying around where to nobody knows
tiny wings flapping faster and faster
at speed she is indeed the master
oh the joy of seeing that tiny form
among the sun shining down on the corn
now others are waking and joining her too
the place is alive oh boy what a view
darting here flying there
such a wonderous sight cant help but stare
lots og giggling tiny hands clapping
tiny petals they begin unwrapping
as its part of their work to help you see
this wonderful world in all its glory!

E N J O Y !!!


1 comment:

  1. where is every one why not here today,
    aw such a shame as Ive come to play,
    hope to see you more often around
    lots of fairy pictures will abound x